About us

Veritas Is Built On A Rich Heritage Of Innovation

Veritas is textile company located in Turkey with expert staff in the fields of concept, production and home textile products bathroom, bedding home market.
We offer wide range of products that can be structured according to the needs of many markets with our professional team that takes the principle in home textile production, invents for continuous innovation has higher performance and innovative focus in customer service.

Our Story

One of the World’s leading producers. Veritas, was founded by a creative team in Denizli, which is located in the Aegean region and famous with aegean cotton.
Our philosophy is to give the desired quality right on time and with a perfect service. Punctuality is essential in our business that we hold on to our promises and always ship on time. The service we provide and the high quality of our products has made Veritas the core supplier for high end home textile brands.

The Earth and People are Our Greatest Asset

The intellectual rights of the customers are under protection and customers’ designs are kept exclusive. Our company performs production with experienced and strong team in this confidential area.